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Brewery Block 1

  • Portland, OR
  • 144,000 s.f.
  • LEED Core and Shell (CS) Silver Certification
  • 2002 Mayors Award for Design Excellence
  • Building reuse and material salvage
  • Enhanced recycling focus
  • Central chilled water plant
  • LEED analysis for waste management, local/regional materials, and certified wood

Block #1 of the Brewery Blocks Development took on a new look while maintaining its historical charm. The building, which was once home to a car dealership, was renovated into a new five-story mixed use building. The building now houses 40,000 s.f. of retail space on ground level, with a majority of that space occupied by a Whole Foods Grocery. Additional floors of the building provide retail and office space, while the rooftop is used for a central chiller plant by Portland Energy Solutions. The plant provides cooling for the entire five-block project.

Project Profile

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