It's Our People

Steve Galash
Vice President - Central OR

Steve Galash brings a level of excitement to his work that is contagious. It’s his passion for building that makes him an excellent leader for R&H’s Central Oregon office, where he strives to create an environment in which employees feel empowered, productive and happy with the role they play...
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Building Together

R&H creates a customer-driven culture by partnering with you on a “negotiated basis.” This means we work with you until your budget, schedule, and quality goals are met. Estimators, Project Managers and Executives pour their time and effort into this process, assuring your project comes to fruition. We offer this partnership approach free of charge as it vests us in making your project a success.

To begin the process, we will:

  • Provide preliminary advice and recommendations
  • Provide conceptual pricing and scheduling
  • Assist the design team in plan updates

The above cycle continues until your project goals are met. Then, we will proceed forward with the following steps to assure a solid start to construction:

  • Acquire multiple subcontractor bids and proposals in all categories
  • Make final detailed adjustments in plans, pricing and schedule
  • Create the final contract and begin construction

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